5 Tips For Writing a College Application Essay

As far as the essay itself goes, it is best to stick to the subject matter you have been given. You should avoid highlighting your privileged life and focus on something that you really care about. Listed below are a few tips for writing a college application essay. Read on to discover the tips and tricks to make your essay stand out. Here are five great tips for writing a college application essay:

Tell a story

If your college application prompt asks you to “tell a story,” you need to know exactly what you are attempting to accomplish. Rather than writing about your entire life, you should focus on one specific moment in your life that illustrates your point. While you should not feature yourself in the story, it will make you stand out more if you focus on a moment you experienced while in high school. If you are not sure how to answer the prompt, consider asking someone you know to read your essay.

Focus on a specific aspect of your personality

Whenever writing a college application essay, focus on a specific aspect of your personality. Colleges want to see that you have a passion for a subject and are a value-adder, so it’s best to pick a topic that showcases one of your personality traits or interests. Focusing on a specific aspect of your personality will help you stand out from the crowd.

Avoid highlighting privileged lifestyle

While the affluent can afford many extracurricular activities, students from affluent families may not want to discuss their privilege in a college application essay. They may participate in elite sports, tour with entertainers, or buy luxury cars. Highlighting your extracurricular activities, rather than your privilege, is a better approach. Focus instead on what your hobbies are and how they have shaped you.

Describe a life-changing event

When writing a college application essay, one of the most common prompts is to describe a life-changing event that influenced you. The event can be anything, from a job loss to a significant life event. A personal tragedy can also add a powerful element to your response. Just be sure that it still relates to the original question. You might also consider including some personal stories from your childhood or young adult years.

Use adjectives to describe traits

Using adjectives to describe traits in a college or university application essay can help your prospective employer determine whether you are a good fit for their company. In a job application, you may be able to quantify results, but the reader is more likely to notice a personality that does not seem to match a specific job description. However, a hiring manager will most likely see a pile of applications and will not be impressed by a long list of adjectives describing a person’s personality.

Identify your strengths

While many students have strengths, others do not realize they have any. Others may feel shy about revealing their strengths or even believe they don’t have any. However, identifying your strengths can help you succeed in college and stay motivated. Think about your favorite activities or events and identify how they made you feel. Identifying your strengths will help you decide on your major and what career path you’d like to pursue.

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