How to Write a Good College Application Essay

If you’re applying to a top college and wondering how to write a good college application essay, there are a few tips to follow. While some schools require you to respond to a particular question or prompt, you can write whatever you feel will speak to your audience. Topics are less important than the way you express yourself, so avoid rewriting college application essay examples and writing about something you think the admissions officer will like.

Personal statement

There are two common ways to write a college application essay. The first is to brainstorm a story about a meaningful event or experience from your life. These experiences can be anything from a recurring meal with your grandmother to a life-changing international move. The trick is to come up with a story that is both unique and representative of your worldview. In this article, we’ll discuss both of these approaches.

Personal statement of compassion

For example, how can you convey your sense of compassion to a reader? Perhaps you met a patient who suffered from a physical disability. He was confined to a wheelchair and couldn’t partake in the same activities as his friends. In this case, your personal statement of compassion could highlight how your actions and words have affected his life. This will be helpful when you discuss your own life goals in your college application essay.


While it may be tempting to write your funny story in your college application essay, you should remember that the admissions committee will be looking at your essay for more than just content. Admissions officers want to see how well you use your sense of humor to make a point. Humor is the art of making unexpected observations that can make the admissions committee laugh. For instance, if you were to make a funny joke about being a vegetarian, it would likely be rejected because vegetarians don’t eat meat.

Creative writing

One way to increase your chances of getting into college is to show the admissions committee that you are unique. You may want to add some humor or creative elements to your college application essay, but be sure to stay within the rules of writing a proper college application essay. The admissions officer is not going to like off-color humor or a joke, so use it sparingly. Make several drafts and set it aside for a few days before submitting your essay. Read it again, thinking about what the admissions officer might say when reading your essay.

Choosing a college application essay topic

When choosing a topic for your college application essay, keep in mind the audience. Remember that your readers have a say in the decision of admissions officers, so you should be careful not to write about controversial topics. Students often write about illicit lifestyle topics such as drugs, alcohol, sexual behavior, and even arrests. While these topics may be tempting, you should avoid them. Rather, focus on the three favorite topics of yours and share them with the audience.

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