COVID 19 has drastically changed the usual routine of academic students. The on-campus education has suddenly shifted to online-education. The uncertainty and sudden spread from the pandemic have made students go under stress, anxiety, and depression. As a result, students are facing a lot many challenges and are constantly under the fear that this pandemic can affect their grades in the long run in case the social distancing norms continue to persist. Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss how to be productive during quarantine for students?

The easiest way to kill anxiety and stress is to stick to your studies even while sitting at home. The more occupied students will stay the better it is for their mental health. Below mentioned are some important things that need to be avoided by students to improve their productivity and ways on how to study at home effectively

Ways To Increase Productivity At Home

  • Make A Priority List– The biggest challenge that students face while studying from home is completing their assignments on time. Bad time management can lead to piling of assignments which can in turn increased the burden of pending assignments. Therefore students studying at home should make sure they do not let pending assignments overburden them. They can make a priority list which will help them segregate their assignments as per priority or take online assignment help from professional experts to help them complete their pending assignments.
  • Avoid Studying At A Stretch– Continuous studying can affect their productivity and have side effects. Students can end up losing interest or getting stressed. Students need to remain proactive while studying so that they can grasp the maximum knowledge. Therefore students should take breaks at regular intervals. This not only helps them concentrate better but also retains their interests.
  • Avoid Noisy Areas– Since a major part of education has shifted online students must choose a silent place for studying. Too much noise can result in distractions and students might lose on the important points that are being provided by their online professors or essay writer.
  • Make A Strategy And Avoid Diving Into The Easy Assignments– Students are provided with assignments of different lengths. Some are easy while others may be tough. Students studying at home often tend to dive into the easy assignments first and by the time they are done with it, they do not have the energy or patience for the tough ones. This leads to pending assignments and increased stress. Therefore students must make a strategy based on the timeline for the submissions and their acumen before they start working on the assignments. It is obvious that the difficult assignments with consuming more time, concentration, and energy compared to the easy ones. So, students should start working on the tough ones first. A priority list and proper strategy will help students divide the time accordingly and lower their stress levels. Students can also seek instant assignment help from SourceEssay to get instant solutions to their assignment problems.
  • Avoid Texting While Working On Assignments– Unlike universities that have structures on using mobile phones in lecture rooms, there is no such stipulation at home to not use phones while studying in most homes. This is the biggest reason why students get distracted while working on their assignments. Self-discipline is primary while studying at home. Therefore students should make sure to avoid keeping their phones near their study areas while they are working on any assignments. Students should also make sure they limit their access to the internet. Internet is a requirement while studying online but students must block their access to social media while they are trying to concentrate on their assignments. Assignment help UK has gained a lot of popularity among international students for helping students with their assignments and giving them instant solutions and expert guidance when they are stuck in between any assignment problem.
  • Avoid Daydreaming- daydreaming is a problem that is faced by all academic students at some point in time. This happens because they have varied interests at different levels and at times it becomes impossible to push your thoughts away. However, too much daydreaming can be disastrous for academic students especially when they are studying from home. Daydreaming not just kills focus and distracts a student’s concentration but there are also high possibilities of committing mistakes that can lower your grades. The easiest way to avoid daydreaming is autosuggestion. Students should be taught to remind themselves of pending assignments whenever they find they are daydreaming in between assignments.
  • Avoid Socializing In Study Groups-  In some subjects group studying is necessary especially when it comes to research-oriented assignments. However too much socializing can also be harmful to students. Therefore students must limit their interactions in the study groups and avoid socializing. Instead, they can take help from dissertation writer available online. SourceEssay is the one-stop solution for research students and they have a team of highly qualified writers who help them in completing their assignments on time.
  • Bad Time Management– As because the routine for self-studying is set by oneself and not imposed on students by their teachers and professors it becomes difficult for students to stick to it. As a result, they fail to strike a balance between their academic and personal lives and end up spending more time doing leisure activities. However, essay help services like SourceEssay help students get into the habit of self-studying through 24/7 customer support and continuous guidance.


To summarize we can list things to avoid that affect the productivity of students in the following points-

  • Make a priority list and avoid pending assignments to pile up.
  • Avoid studying at a stretch and take breaks at regular intervals.
  • Avoid Noisy Areas and choose a comfortable silent place to study.
  • Make an assignment strategy and attend difficult assignments first.
  • Avoid texting while working on assignments. Keep away from Social media while studying at home.
  • Avoid daydreaming. Remind yourself of pending assignments through autosuggestions.
  • Limit your access to study groups.
  • Take professional help to strike a work-life balance.

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