In the simplest terms, plagiarism can be defined as the stealing of somebody else’s ideas, thoughts, expression, and language. It can also be defined as the wrongful appropriation of some author’s original work. In the academic world, plagiarism is a serious offense that can have many negative consequences for an individual.

This is why students are encouraged to learn about plagiarism and all the ways in which plagiarism can be avoided. One such popular method of avoiding plagiarism is referencing. A reference can be defined as a type of citation of some other published or unpublished work as a source. In the majority of the cases, references are mentioned at the end of any paper or academic writing assignment. SourceEssay is one such company that makes sure to include references while providing its online assignment writing service. However, you cannot rely on getting academic writing help for a reference all the time. This is something which you must learn even if you are not planning on working as one of the best academic writers at SourceEssay.

An Introduction to Plagiarism

As it was mentioned above, plagiarism can be defined as the stealing of some other individual’s ideas, expressions, language, or thoughts. It can also be defined as the wrongful appropriation of somebody else’s original thoughts or work. Plagiarism is not just considered to be academic dishonesty but is further considered to be a serious breach in journalistic ethics.

This is why you must have noted that whenever you get online assignment writing service from SourceEssay then all assignments are guaranteed to be 100% plagiarism-free. This is also why it is the duty of all academic writers to ensure that documents are referenced properly while providing students with the required academic writing help. Ensuring that assignments are completely plagiarism free is also one of the most important features of any good quality online writing help which all academic writers must provide.

It is also important for all readers and academic writers to remember that while plagiarism is itself not considered to be a crime in the court of law, it can still be punished by the court of law. The punishments for this ethical offense can range from getting penalties, suspension, substantial fines, and expulsion to incarceration.

Hence, academic writers should be extra cautious while providing academic writing help. Though, this is not something that the academic writers at SourceEssay would have to worry about as all assignments, which have to be delivered to students who opted for their academic writing help, are processed through a series of quality plagiarism checks.

Understand Referencing and When to Use It

According to the academic writers at SourceEssay, there are different ways through which plagiarism can be avoided. Some of those ways include a citation, referencing, and paraphrasing. Out of these three ways, referencing is perhaps the most common and useful. According to a number of different sources and experts, there are many valid and acceptable definitions of referencing.

However, the most common definition is that it is a process through which sources of any material that you have used in your academic writing work are acknowledged. You must have also seen a detailed referencing section at the end of an assignment which you get from any type of high-quality assignment help or online writing help. This is especially true when it comes to the online writing help which all students can get from SourceEssay.

The Benefits of Referencing

When you get any type of assignment help from SourceEssay then you must have noticed that there is always a reference section. There are actually a number of benefits of including that reference section in every assignment help. And some of those benefits are mentioned below.

  • It Serves as a Fact-Checking Tool

When it comes to academic writing then accuracy is of great importance. And including a reference section in the assignment can serve the purpose of improving the accuracy of your academic writing work.

  • Becoming a Better Researcher

Referencing would actually ensure that an individual develops better researching skills. This skill can be of great importance in the future too.

  • A Better Writer

Writing a reference would require an individual to keep various points in mind. This means that the individual would be able to become a better and more conscious writer.

There are many other benefits which one can get by including a reference section within any academic work. And some of those other benefits include building credibility, allowing for easy verification of facts, showing superior scientific knowledge, and many other benefits. At SourceEssay students always get a reference section with all types of assignment help.

The Different Types of References and Learning How to It

It is important for readers to remember that there is no fixed method of referencing. There are, instead, many different styles of referencing and it often depends upon the writer to pick the style of referencing which is most suitable or useful. In this section, some of those referencing styles are discussed below.

  1. The Harvard Referencing System

The Harvard referencing style is also known as the author-date referencing style. In this type of referencing style, there can both be references at the end of the text or citation in brackets or in the footnote. It is also important for readers to note that the Harvard referencing system is more of a style. Hence, one can find various variations of this referencing style. However, the most common way of referencing in this style is mentioned below.

Last Name of Author 1 First Name of Author 1 and Last Name of Author 2 First Name of Author 2. (Year of Publication). Name of Book. Edition. Name of Publisher: Place of Publication

For example, Peck J and Coyle M. (2002). Literary Terms and Criticism. 2nd ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

  1. The APA Referencing Style

The APA (American Psychological Association) is the style of referencing which is most commonly used in the field of the social sciences. This style of referencing also uses an author-date system. There are certain differences which exist in terms of referencing between the Harvard system of referencing and the APA referencing style. And those differences which are present between both these referencing styles can easily be identified from the guidelines mentioned below.

Last Name of the Author, Initial of the First Name of the Author. (Year). Title of the Book (Edition of the Book). City, State/Country of Publication: Name of the Publisher.

For example, Porter, ME. (1998). Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors (1st ed.). New York, NY: Free Press.

  1. The Oxford Referencing

The Oxford referencing style is another popular referencing and citation style which is used by authors and students all across the globe. This style of referencing is more popular for its in-text citation and is also easier to learn than other commonly used styles of referencing. The guidelines for this type of referencing are mentioned below.

Name of the Author, Title of the Book (Place of Publication, Year of Publication).

For example, Jonathan Bell, The Liberal State on Trial: The Cold War and American Politics in the Truman Years (New York, 2004).

The Conclusion:

Plagiarism can be defined as the wrongful use of any other individual’s original work. It is a serious academic issue and it is important for individuals to avoid plagiarism when it comes to providing appropriate assignment help. One such way through which plagiarism can be avoided in an assignment help is by reference. In reference, the author gives due credit to the source of an idea or a theory. There are different styles of referencing like the Harvard referencing style, APA referencing, and the oxford referencing. At SourceEssay students receive an extensive reference section with all types of assignment help.

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